We are looking for Rockstar performer!

How often have you seen that in various job ads?

It’s being slapped into various job post in LinkedIn too nowadays.

I met up with an ex-colleague recently who is starting his startup journey soon and is looking for “Rockstar” employee too.

So, who exactly is this Rockstar performer that everyone is craving?

Frankly, I beg to differ such exists as it’s highly subjective and biased towards each hirer. I am not aware of any benchmark that can be used to label someone that consistently across companies.

Rather focus on looking for individuals with hunger to learn and perform instead.

When I started EkkBaz, I comb though thousands of resumes, interviewed hundreds and selected a handful. Those selected might not have been the best in terms of skills or talents among interviewees, but they all had huge hunger to learn, perform and grow.

And I am very happy with the outcome and where we are today thanks to our hunger. Talents without hard work or dedication are useless in the long run. Knowledge is more readily available today compared to past. So, focus on those with hunger and growth mindset.

If you are into hiring, don’t lose out on individuals with vast potentials by being fixated on looking for “Rockstar”.

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