Thanks for the birthday wishes. I feel truly blessed 🙂

More so for my mom, the most awesome women I have seen or heard of thus far.

Raising 12 children is insane given our family condition. But thanks to her impossible level hard work and persistence, she made that impossible possible.

Being deeply religious, her family prevented her from getting an education and married off at early age. But she went insane length and made sure all of us, especially our 6 sisters are all highly educated and be independent even though we were not financially well off.

Her level of consistency and persistence is unheard of. Even when she is unwell, she will still go about her daily routine. There are no such things as “taking a break”.

I feel super proud to have her DNA. She sacrificed her life for us, I hope I can match even 1% of her level and make her proud someday for bringing me to this world.

People always asks me, what inspires me?

That would be my Mom!

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