About Enam

Enam Chowdhury founded EkkBaz in March 2017 after more than 5 years in Microsoft. Through EkkBaz, Enam aims to empower and transform community based small business in any remote corner of the earth. EkkBaz will make available easy to use sophisticated tools that small business can use with ease and transform their own lives.

The desire to help the small guys is rooted in his upbringing. Enam is the 10th child out of 12 growing up in a poverty-stricken family in Bangladesh. His family members migrated to Singapore in 1990s, Enam started working from 15 years old to help finance his education and reduce family burden while growing up in Singapore.

Experiencing poverty made Enam understand the plight of less fortunate even more and do what he can help them. From early age, in school and outside, Enam volunteered time to raise donations for charities. He was involved with multiple overseas volunteer expeditions to share knowledge, increase IT literacy and bootstrapped ideas such as Cosified.com to encourage volunteerism to address societies issues.

After graduating from Singapore Management University with major in Information System and Finance in 2011, Enam joined the exclusive Microsoft Consulting Service team as a Technical Consultant for Dynamics CRM product, helping companies modernize through intelligent business applications.

During his 5 year tenure in Microsoft, he delivered ground breaking results, received many accolades and rose up the ranks.

His foray into community based small business came with family-run grocery store in Singapore that he used to help. While helping in the store, he experienced firsthand the challenges faced by the small business owners to operate and survive in this digital age. Enam wanted to make a difference in their lives as he believes by empowering such community-based entrepreneurs to prosper, they create more job opportunities in the community and a much vibrant and smart economy for the country.

This motivated him to leave Microsoft and focus full time in EkkBaz in 2017, where he can use his passion in technology and his experience in community-based businesses to make a difference in millions of small business owners lives across the world.